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v9.5.6 Released!

Tas Engineering v9.5.6 demonstrates compliance with Scottish Section 6 Building Regulations

Free online e-training now available
Dongless Licenses
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Digital Licenses
TM59 Domestic Overheating

Tas Engineering v9.4.2 has a new wizard for performing TM59 analysis for domestic overheating.

BB101 2016

New Priority Schools BB101 report for the 2016 regulations.

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Consultancy Services

Our friendly and helpful consultancy services team are expert users of our software and can help you with L2A BRUKLs, EPCs, overheating analysis, HVAC systems modelling, daylight analysis, LEED, BREEAM and more.

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Our support department is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. You can call us or email us, and we'll be happy to help.

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A complete solution for the thermal simulation of new or existing buildings

At EDSL, we believe that the mixing of development, consultancy and software support leads to a focused software product, with quality support available to our users

Tas is an industry-leading building modelling and simulation tool capable of performing hourly dynamic thermal simulation for the world’s largest and most complex buildings.

Data Import & Export


Tas intelligently repairs common issues with gbXML geometry.


2D DWG import allows tracing of new geometry, and 3D DWG shade surface import allows easy modelling of complex shading.


Exchange data with EnergyPlus. Import or export geometry, building fabric, gains and schedules, and even import shading data for a ready-to-simulate building data file.​


Import geometry, building fabric, and internal condition data from DOE-2 INP files.

Tas has a multitude of data import & export options enabling it to be an integral part of a BIM level 2 workflow.

UK L2 & EPCs

Level 5 UK Building regulations such as Part L2a and EPCs can be performed using our special dedicated studio.


LEED assessments can be performed in our 90.1 studio, automatically generating the relevant reports to make submission easy.


HEA01 (Visual comfort),
HEA02 (Indoor air quality)
HEA04 (Thermal comfort).


Domestic overheating via a simple wizard, which guides new users through the TM59 requirements.


Including the new 2018 regulations, as well as the previous 2006 version.


Adaptive overheating for free running spaces.


Percentage Mean Vote and Percentage People Dissatisfied for conditioned spaces.


Using Tas Systems

Component Based

Tas Systems is a Component based plant modelling tool with a drag and drop interface.

Template Systems

Wizard to walk users through setting up common system types.

Fully Customisable

Every component has editable properties with fully customisable control logic.

Schematic Design

Plant models are laid out to resemble HVAC schematics for clarity.

Daylight Simulations

Climate Based Daylight Modelling

Multi-core distributed Climate Based Daylight Modelling for rapid design iterations.

Daylight Factors

Fast daylight factor calculations using a radiosity engine for accurate results.

Daylight Rendering

Render a high quality 3D view of your building at any hour of the year to see how it will look.

Right to Light

Equivalent First Zone, Daylight Distribution, Vertical Sky Component, Permanent Overshadowing.

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