Accreditation Process

LCC and Energy Assessor Accreditation

In order to use Tas for UK regulatory work, including Part L2 assessment and EPC certification, you must first become certified by an accrediting body such as CIBSE Certification Ltd. Details of the process are available from the CIBSE Certification Ltd website.  Becoming an Energy Assessor is a necessity to being able to lodge your own EPCs, so it is therefore an essential skill to obtain for anyone carrying out regulatory assessments in the UK.

CIBSE  Certification Ltd require each candidate to be assessed for competency in using Tas before they can be accredited to use the software for Part L2 or EPC work. All candidates must:

  1. Submit two Part L2/EPC projects to EDSL for assessment.
    1. These projects must be run in the latest version of Tas
    2. Each project will be assessed by EDSL at a charge of £300 + VAT per project.
    3. The models should be based on real buildings and must consist of 20-200 zones and a combination of HVAC air-side configurations (i.e. the building cannot be 100% Naturally Ventilated or treated entirely by fancoils).
    4. Candidates are required to submit their 3D Model (.T3D), Building Simulator source file (.TBD) and UK Building Regulations studio project file (.TPLP) along with a letter of declaration that the projects are their own work. These can be submitted as a ZIP file using our contact form.
    5. Applicants will be advised on aspects of the work that may need bringing up to standard and may be given one opportunity to correct minor errors in the project and resubmit it within 30 days. If significant changes are required, or the 30 days elapse, the applicant will be required to submit a new project and will be charged for this as a separate assessment.

It is strongly recommended that applicants attend the 3 day Tas Engineering training course before submitting projects for assessment, but this is not a mandatory requirement.

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