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Part L 2021 Building Use Types

Part L 2021 Building Use Types Sometimes it’s not always clear which NCM internal conditions correspond to each of the Building Use Types listed in the BRUKL document. This table lists them all out, clearly.  These categories are the categories assigned by the BRUKL generator version, in conjunction with the 6.1.b internal conditions.  Retail/Financial

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Modelling Primary and Secondary Pump Loops in TPD

We will often have to edit the water-side systems created by the wizard. One common reason is to replace a basic setup with a system which has a primary pump loop for the plant equipment, and one or more secondary pump loops distributing water around the building. Before attempting the setups shown in this guide,

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Splitting TPD Plant Room Flows

We will often want to create plant room layouts which are more complex than the ones created by the systems wizard, and split and combine flows to use components on separate branching pipes. There are different ways to achieve this, but also a few potential pitfalls; this guide aims to shed some light on the

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Drawing Dormer Windows

Windows which project from a pitched roof can be drawn without difficulty in the Tas 3D modeller. This short guide shows how to achieve this on five example models, using a methodical approach and knowledge of the “intersect planes” tool. It is recommended that users should be familiar with different techniques for drawing roofs before

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Rhino to Tas: How to with Honeybee

Creating Tas models with Rhino & Honeybee Rhinoceros, otherwise known as Rhino3D, is a freeform surface modeller that is gaining popularity amongst energy modellers and architects for its ease of use in creating complex geometries. Not only that, but Rhino has a diverse range of plugins which make it possible to perform building energy analysis

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Ben Abel shares how Hilson Moran use the Tas API

Ben Abel shares how Hilson Moran use the Tas API Ben Abel is a Director and Head of Research and Development at Hilson Moran, and we recently spoke to him to learn how Hilson Moran use the Tas Application Programming Interface to be one of the most advanced cutting edge designers of the built environment. Hilson Moran have

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