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Approved Document O

Approved Document O, commonly referred to as “Part O”, relates to assessing overheating in domestic properties and came into force on the 15th June 2022. Its purpose is to reduce the occurence of high indoor temperatures to protect the health and welfare of occupants.

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Tas and EnergyPlus

EDSL Tas can both import and export EnergyPlus IDF files. EnergyPlus IDF files generally contain good quality data and a comprehensive set of inputs, making IDF import a reliable and convenient way to get data into EDSL Tas quickly. IDF import to Tas3D: Create a new Tas 3D model from an IDF file. In Tas3D

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Validation of Tas against BS EN ISO Standards

The BS EN ISO Standards 13791, 13792, 15255, and 15265 are used to validate a building simulation software’s results against expected results; compliance with these standards demonstrates the integrity of the simulation engine as the results are concerned with the solar, heat flow, and room load calculations which underpin the annual simulation. Models were set

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Smart Glass

What is Smart Glass and is it the future of glazing? ‘Smart Glass’ is glazing that has changeable light and solar transmission values, there are a number of different types of Smart Glass that use different types of technology to alter these properties such as electrochromic, thermochromic and photochromic glazing. Electrochromic glazing has its light

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