This page will teach you how to identify and correct the most common issues you may encounter when importing xbXML geometry from Revit into Tas. We’ll start by learning a number of techniques and then you can try them out yourself. For some problems, you may need to refer to the Revit gbXML Guide to help you further. 

Before you begin be sure to download the gbxml Revit guide:

Techniques 1

In this video, you’ll learn how to:

  • Examine and understand shade and air surfaces in Tas
  • Use Tas to locate issues in the Revit model
  • Correct room definitions in Revit
  • Use Revit warnings to identify issues with the model

Techniques 2

In this video, we’ll explore:

  • Interpret surfaces using analysis colours in Tas
  • Look inside the building in Tas
  • Room bounding columns

Techniques 3

In this video, we’ll introduce:

  • Rooms leaking through roofs
  • Checking for surface geometry issues in Revit
  • Checking for room issues in Revit

Techniques 4

In this video, we’ll explore:

  • Issues that can be corrected within Tas, without returning to the Revit Model


Now that you’ve watched the technique videos, it’s time you tried some of them out yourself.