Sizing in Tas Building Designer

Tas Building Designer (TBD) provides the user with several options for sizing heating and cooling capacities.

Design Day Wizard

TBD contains a Design Day Wizard which quickly creates design days for sizing heating and cooling. Steady-state heating design days are set up with a few clicks. The hottest days from the weather data are automatically identified for cyclic cooling sizing (i.e. the same day repeated) – if required this weather data can be adjusted as part of the design day creation. Sizing fractions can be applied to the heating or cooling capacity. On completion, the Design Day Wizard reports the sized zone loads.

Dynamic Sizing

Users have the option to allow TBD to size the maximum zone loads to meet the requirements of the dynamic simulation. As with the design day sizing, this data can then be used for component sizing in Tas Systems.


Sized heating and cooling loads can be reported quickly and clearly by exporting a zone data summary from TBD itself, or by generating a Peak Zone Loads report. The reported data is immediately available in spreadsheet format for further data manipulation, creation of graphs, etc.

What is more, the design day wizard automatically generates reports as part of its design day creation process. These reports give a full breakdown of zone heating and cooling loads.

Simulating with Fixed Capacities

Zone heating and cooling capacities can be fixed (e.g. from the design day results, or a specified value) so that the user can assess the impact of the limited capacity on summertime overheating, PMV & PPD, etc.