UK Building Regulations Studio

L2a & EPCs for 2010 and 2013 England, Wales and Ireland compliance

Tas Engineering comes with dedicated regulations studios which walk you through calculating BRUKL and EPC documents in a clear and concise way

Level 5 Dynamic Simulation

Tas was the first dynamic simulation software to be approved for part L2 and EPCs.

Dynamic simulation software provides a detailed, comprehensive evaluation of your building with results that can be interrogated on an hourly basis.

Notional Comparison at a glance

The studio automatically displays comparison information between your actual building and the notional building for properties such as:

  • U-Values
  • Lighting Efficiencies
  • Lighting Illuminances

This lets you quickly identify potential compliance issues with the building design.

HVAC Systems Generation

Zones are easily assigned to the predefined NCM system types which are simulated using the power of Tas Systems.

Multiple HVAC setups can be stored in the same studio project file for system comparisons and efficient project management

Detailed Automatic Reporting

The Studio generates useful reports for each simulation:

  • Input summary
  • HVAC summary
  • Solar gain 
  • CO2 emissions comparison
  • SBEM Auxiliary energy
  • Fuel usage
  • Category usage
  • Annual demand & consumption
  • Monthly demand & consumption
  • Hourly demand and consumption

These are stored for each simulation, which is useful as a historical record.