Dongle Drivers

Supporting Files

Tas Engineering and EcoBim use USB dongles for licensing. Drivers must be installed before using the software:

You may need to restart your computer after installing the dongle drivers in order for your dongle to be recognised. 

Checking the dongle is recognised

If your dongle is recognised by the computer, the dongle number will be displayed in the register dialog of the Tas Manager:

If your dongle number appears but you have licensing errors, check that you have enough days remaining on your dongle. If you see ‘0 Days’, you need to update the key on your dongle by clicking on the link that says Click here to open the keys webpage, and following the instructions.

Troubleshooting: My dongle isn't recognised

If your dongle is not being recognised and you cannot see your dongle number in the register dialog, the first thing to do is check that you have the latest dongle drivers. The latest  version is v7.6.9. Be sure to restart your computer after installing.

If your dongle is still not being recognised, check that the Sentinel Protection Server service is running on your machine:

If the service is not running, right click on it and click start. Your dongle should now be recognised.  The services dialog can be accessed via the services tab in the Task Manager. 

If your dongle still does not work, please contact support .