Ambiens 2D

A Computational Fluid Dynamics engine specifically for buildings

Traditional CFD packages are notoriously difficult to use as they are used to analyse a wide range of problems. Ambiens 2D is different. Ambiens 2D is a CFD package with a very specific purpose – modelling airflow in buildings, and as a result, it’s incredibly user friendly

Analyse Complex Airflows

Ambiens 2D allows you to determine the effect of local air conditions on occupant comfort, taking into account:

  • Radiant temperature from surfaces
  • Local speed of airflow
  • Local temperature of airflow
  • Humidity 
  • Metabolic rate
  • Clothing

A room temperature can be misleading

A large space with hot or cold radiant surfaces or with air that is poorly mixed can have some areas that are much warmer than others.

The space may also have cold draughts. 

With Ambiens 2D you can quickly identify potential problems and tweak the design of the space to eliminate them efficiently.

Graph-like interface

Geometry is created by drawing a 2D slice through the space being analysed. 

  • Spaces are 1m in depth.
  • Each cell in the graph-like interface represents a fixed distance.
  • Internal gains can be added by drawing them anywhere within the space. 

Surface temperatures can be set by clicking on the walls.

Create videos

You can export videos showing how parameters vary over time such as:

  • Dry bulb temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Air speed
  • Mean radiant temperature
  • Resultant (operative) temperature
  • Percentage People Dissatisfied (PPD)

The scales are fully customisable, as is the visual update interval.

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