Tas Licensing

Choose from the following subscription options


Monthly, locked to 1 machine
£ 250
per month
  • Monthly payment
  • Use on 1 computer
  • Digital license (no dongle)


Annual, locked to 1 machine
£ 200
monthly equivalent
  • Annual payment
  • Use on 1 computer
  • Digital license (no dongle)


Annual, floats between machines
£ 300
monthly equivalent
  • Annual payment
  • Use on many computers
  • Digital license (no dongle)

All of our online licenses are now digital and therefore do not require a dongle. 

Upon purchasing, you will receive a welcome email with your key and links to our e-training and support.

The above subscription options will automatically renew, either monthly or annually, depending on which subscription you purchased. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, and you will be able to continue using the software for the remainder of your subscription period. 

If you wish to pay by invoice please complete our online order form.

Terms and conditions apply. Network licenses are subject to fair use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you buy a subscription license, you’ll always be able to use the latest version of the software for a regular fee. Support & e-training are included, as is 2D Ambiens, our 2D-CFD package. 

Perpetual licenses have a one-off upfront fee for unlimited access to a particular version of Tas Engineering. These are licensed via USB dongle, which you can plug into the computer you wish to use Tas on. Perpetual licenses do not include software support and Ambiens 2D. 

If you purchase a maintenance and support contract alongside your perpetual license, for a regular fee, you’ll be able to use the latest version of the software and be entitled to software support and e-training material.

Digital subscription licenses offer the most flexibility and convenience, with no large upfront fee. They can be managed at any time from your account or by contacting us. 

If you purchase a digital subscription, your key will be emailed to you immediately. If you purchase a perpetual license, your dongle for licensing will be posted to you. 

A Tas Engineering Subscription is fully inclusive and therefore enables you to access and use all parts of the Tas Engineering application – from our regulation studios (BRUKLs, EPCs) to our Daylighting package to our Building Simulator for room loads and overheating analysis. 

In addition to all of our core applications and utilities, you’ll be able to use Ambiens 2D – our 2D CFD package designed specifically for buildings. 

Yes, you can surrender your perpetual license in exchange for a discounted Tas Engineering subscription. 

For more details, contact us

A standalone license can be used by any number of users on a single machine only. 

This license is useful if you only have one computer you wish to use Tas on. 

A network license can be installed on any number of machines across your company offices.

When a user opens Tas on a machine, a license is automatically checked out from one of our cloud license servers.

When they close Tas, it is automatically returned ready to be used by another user on another machine. 

Network licenses can be easily deployed to all machines on your company network. For more details, contact us

We offer unlimited free e-training on our training website

We also offer in-person training courses- more details are available here

We also offer bespoke training if you have specific needs – if this is something you’re interested in, contact us

Yes, we currently offer digital academic licenses and student licenses free of charge. To apply, email us proof of your student status and we’ll send you a digital key. 

Yes! You can check a network license out in the Tas Manager if you need to use it offline.