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What can we offer?

Our consultants have high levels of experience with providing fast turnarounds on Part L2 & EPC certification, but crucially have skills in comfort & overheating assessments like TM52, TM59 & BB101, as well as energy modelling capabilities such as TM54 and Calibrated Energy Models.

Part L2 & EPC

An accredited alternative to SBEM

Thermal Comfort


Energy Modelling

TM54, Calibrated Energy Modelling

Green ratings

BREEAM, LEED, Green Star

Model Checking

EPC 'Check & Lodge'

Peak Sizing

Heating & Cooling Loads


CBDM, Daylight Factors, Right of Light


2D & 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics

Sun Path

Shadow Casting

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Close developer integration

Working closely with the software developers and support & training staff offers our consultants immediate bespoke solutions to unique problems

The company’s unique position as developers of the software gives us an unparalleled expertise in the use of Tas

All levels of Non Domestic Buildings

Tas is Level 5 software, and is especially capable with modelling large complex buildings, but EPC assessments can be carried out on any buildings from an NOS level 3 upwards.  From the smallest to the very largest

Beyond Compliance

Thermal modelling is not simply a compliance exercise. Look beyond minimum standards to achieve a comfortable, successful environment in your building

We specialise in very large projects, and have extensive experience of comfort and energy modelling

Decades of experience

A rich 30 year history of providing high quality thermal simulation gives EDSL a huge depth of experience. We have been involved in some of the most iconic projects in the country

30 years of providing bespoke consultancy services to our clients gives us a cutting edge in the field.
Improved efficiency leads to fast turnaround times

Our assessors are highly experienced Chartered Engineers, Low Carbon Energy Assessors (LCEAs) and Low Carbon Consultants (LCCs)