Free Trial

You can try the software free for 15 days by filling out the below form. 

In order to fill out the form, you’ll need to:

  • Download & Install the software 
  • Copy your Machine ID from the Register dialog in the Tas Manager (see below)

    All of the above fields are required.

    *Please ensure your machine ID is entered correctly, or you will not be able to license the software.

    By submitting your trial request, you agree to allow us to contact you regarding your trial, our terms of use and our privacy policy.

    Installing the software

    When you are installing the software, select License File as the method of licensing the software:

    If you have already installed the software, you can change this setting by clicking on the Settings button in the Tas Manager and clicking on the Options tab. 

    Finding your Machine ID

    You can find your Machine ID by opening the Tas Manager application and pressing the Register button:


    Licensing the software

    After you fill out the trial request form, you will be emailed a key to use the software. 

    To activate the license on your machine, open the Register dialog in the Tas Manager and press Open Key File

    Select the key file that was sent to you in the welcome email.

    Getting started with Tas Engineering

    Once you have installed and licensed the software, the best resource for getting up to speed quickly is our free online e-training available here

    If you have any questions about the capability of the software, you can always get in contact with our support team, but please be aware we can only provide very limited support to those trialling the software.