Sizing in Tas Systems

Tas Systems (TPD) gives the user multiple options for sizing airside and waterside equipment.

Select the most appropriate sizing method for your system

In-zone components like fancoils and radiators can duplicate the sized values from the TBD simulation.

Airside and waterside systems can be simulated using design day conditions from the TBD file.

Systems can also be sized dynamically over a specified period, e.g. summer months, or a whole year long sizing period.

Combinations of multiple different sizing types may be used.

Zone flow rates and minimum fresh air rates can be sized according to floor area, air changes per hour, flow rate per person, and more. These values can then be used by dampers, fans, and mixing boxes in the same system.

Sizing built into the simulation – see the effect on your system immediately

In Tas Systems the sizing runs are made before the main simulation, so first the equipment sizes are set, and then the simulation period is run using these set equipment capacities.

Any unmet hours which may result from undersized equipment are reported clearly.

Built-in reporting tools and manufacturer data import

Equipment sizes can easily be exported in a clear format using the reports built in to Tas Systems.

Manufacturer data for VRF units, heat pumps, boilers, etc., can be imported into the Tas Systems file. Imported data can be selected to match the component capacities obtained by the sizing runs.