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UK Building Regulations

UK Part L2 & Energy performance Certification

England & Wales

English 2010 & 2013, Welsh 2014

We can provide you with support and guidance through the Design and As Built stages of your Part L2 assessment, ensuring you not only comply but achieve the best possible results

Scotland & Northern Ireland

Section 6 & Part F Assessments

Our assessors are approved for carrying out assessments of Scottish Section 6 and Northern Ireland’s Part F


EDSL's Energy Assessors have been carrying out Energy Performance Certification assessments since the introduction of EPCs in 2008

Making investments in energy efficient design and equipment should be fully reflected in the EPC score. Use a DSM software that is capable of giving you the full benefit of that investment

Thermal Comfort Assessments

We are able to assist with overheating assessments measured to any current standard


Adaptive overheating criteria for free running buildings takes into consideration the way people perceive the temperature of their environment based upon the external weather conditions


TM59 is designed to assess overheating risk in homes, and uses prescribed internal gains depending on the type of space being analysed


BB101 is the current overheating standard for schools , highlighting overheating risk through an occupied summer period


Similar in method to TM52, this assessment is specifically for Priority School Building Programme buildings


Predicted Mean Vote and Percentage People Dissatisfied metrics for conditioned spaces can be calculated using our dedicated utility

With overheating assessments we strongly encourage an early involvement of thermal modelling. Identification of problems at an early stage is key to being to mitigate them, or design them out altogether.

Energy Modelling

Advanced, component based HVAC modelling


Evaluating Operational Performance of Buildings at the Design Stage

Through robust and detailed HVAC simulation, we can help you meet the demands of a TM54 assessment

Calibrated Energy Modelling

Matching thermal modelling results to energy bills

Our assessors have been carrying out energy modelling of buildings for decades, and can handle buildings of any size and complexity.  Our calibrated energy modelling has proven invaluable on many large scale projects, not least Manchester Joint Hospitals and London’s One New Change 

Green Ratings Schemes

BREEAM, LEED, Green Star


Helping you to maximise your BREEAM credits

Helping you achieve the rating your building deserves. 
Contact us for assistance with these BREEAM credits




Green Star

BCA Section J

Peak Load Sizing

Sizing of peak heating and cooling loads

Dynamic and Steady State Analysis

Using dynamic simulation for your sizing provides more accurate loads by fully accounting for the coincidental peaks of solar gain and external dry bulb temperature whilst fully considering heat gained and lost from the thermal mass of the fabric.  We also offer steady state sizing calculations and can offer a breakdown of room fabric and ventilation gains/losses

Model Checking

Verification of client produced models and one-to-one training

For all levels of experience

It may be that you have just been trained and would like reassurance that your Tas model is correct.  Or it could be that you are an experienced Tas user but do not hold level 5 accreditation, and would like your model verified and lodged.   Maybe you feel you would benefit from a consultant walking through your project with you, at your place of work

Full feedback

We can work with you to establish the level of service you need and ensure you fully understand any shortcomings in your model, ensuring a smoother workflow in the future

Contact us to discuss your requirements


CBDM, Daylight Analysis, BREEAM,


Investigate daylight levels across a range of spaces, ensuring sufficient minimum values and levels of uniformity.  

Daylight Analysis

Right-of-Light (Equivalent First Zone), Vertical Sky Component, Daylight Distribution, Permanent Overshadowing & Annual Probable Sunlight Hours


Climate Based Daylight Modelling

Utilising a distributed local cloud for incredibly fast simulations, we can perform a CBDM calculation on a typical classroom in 2 minutes.  Reports, visualisations & hourly data can all be provided


2D & 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics

Our validated, fast & accurate, proprietary CFD engine has been designed specifically for modelling airflow within buildings.  Analyse complex airflows within a space, taking into account speed & direction, temperature, radiant temperatures of surfaces & room heat gains.  Investigate the impact of humidity, metabolic rate & clothing.  Ensure there are no cold draughts or poorly mixed air, and view output images & videos



Sun Path

Shadow Casting, Visualisation

Shadow Casting

Sun position throughout the year

Sun path analysis can be carried out for any location in the world, informing the impact of a proposed development and supporting planning applications.  Image & video visualisations can be produced showing the movement of shadows throughout a day or year