We currently offer our Tas Engineering E-Training course completely free – simply sign up here and start learning at your own pace:  We also provide comprehensive help documentation with the software to help with specific exercises

In person, classroom based training is available at our offices in Milton Keynes, with course dates shown below.  If you would like to discuss online training then please give us a call or send us a message through our booking contact form.

Mitigating the Risk of Covid-19

We want to ensure our training courses are held as safely as possible for all staff and trainees.  By ensuring course numbers are limited and all attendees are well distanced, surfaces are regularly cleaned and that there is plenty of ventilation, we are taking all measures possible to limit the risk of exposure to Covid-19 on our premises.  

We politely ask that attendees take all possible steps to limit risk to themselves and others by respecting social distancing where possible and using hand sanitiser.  Although there is no legal reaquirement to self isolate, we ask that if you have any Covid symptoms or any known recent contact with somone with Covid, then please do not attend – we will happily accomodate you on a future course.

At EDSL we regularly run two training courses; Tas Engineering and Tas Systems.  

In order to get the most out of the software, the training courses are a pre-requisite to receiving support for the corresponding applications.

Upcoming Courses (2023)

Tas Engineering

Monday 6th of February– Wednesday 8th of February

Monday 13th of March– Wednesday 15th of March

Monday 17th of April– Wednesday 19th of April

Monday 22th of May– Wednesday 24th of May

Monday 26th of June– Wednesday 28th of June

Introduction to Systems


Thursday 16th of March

Thursday 20th of April

Thursday 25th of May

Thursday 29th of June

Courses start at 9:30am and finish at 4:30pm. Refreshments are provided throughout the day, and sandwiches are provided for lunch. 

The training courses are held at our office in Milton Keynes, and can be booked by the contact forms at the top and bottom of this page.

Tas Engineering Course

Duration: 3  days, 9:30am to 4:30pm

Cost: £990 + VAT

Pre-requisites: A pre-training exercise must be completed and submitted to EDSL prior to attending the course. 

This training course is designed for new users who have not previously attended any official Tas training.

Topics covered on the course include:

  • Modelling a building in the Tas 3D Modeller, using 2D DXF/DWG files as a guide.
  • Editing a model to make revisions to an existing design.
  • The use of windows, doors, rooflights and complex shading devices.
  • Using the UK Building Regulations studio to complete a Part L2 and EPC assessment.
  • Controlling apertures based on combinations of temperature, pollutant and wind speed.
  • Creating new materials and constructions and applying these to surfaces in the model.
  • Databases and the re-use of information across multiple projects.
  • Generating reports on annual loads, peak loads, overheating analysis and BB101 compliance.
  • Detailed Post-simulation analysis, right down to data on individual zones and/or surfaces.
  • Carrying out Daylighting assessments within Tas.

 A printed set of training notes is provided to each attendee for notekeeping and future reference.

Introduction to Systems

Duration: 1 day, 9:30am to 4:30pm

Cost: £330 + VAT

Pre-requisites: Tas Engineering training course attended within previous 36 months.

This training course is designed to teach the plant modelling capabilities Tas has to offer. 

In part 1, you will learn how to:

  • Use the new project wizard to quickly generate commonly used systems (e.g. Fancoils, VAV, CHP, Solar Hot Water etc.)
  • Setup tariff information for cost analysis
  • View results for consumptiondemandcosts and CO2 emissions
In part 2, you will learn how to:
  • Modify existing schemas to add components such as humidifiers
  • Use controls to model demand control ventilation
  • Create air side and water side HVAC configurations without using the wizard

 A printed set of training notes is provided to each attendee for notekeeping and future reference.

    Tas Engineering Course

    Systems Training Course