Fast, Accurate Climate Based Daylight Modelling

    Interested In:

    Distributed, local cloud

    Tas Networking

    Computers with Tas installed are automatically linked to make your calculations faster.

    Multicore Enabled

    Utilise all of your computers cores for maximum speed.

    Easy to use Wizard

    Intuitive wizard makes performing the calculations a breeze.

    Powerful results viewer

    View the results directly in the 3D modeller

    3D Modeller

    Automatic reports showing Priority Schools and BREEAM compliance


    Detailed results viewer allows you to interrogate and export hourly results.

    Results viewer

    Time to perform a CBDM calculation for a typical school classroom

    *The ‘Network’ calculation was performed using 44 logical cores from a mix of different processors. The classroom modelled had a floor area of 45.4m2, and was performed using default calculation parameters with an accuracy for ‘Daylight Factors’.

    “Getting a good result with Climate Based Daylight Modelling is a real challenge. Because Tas is so fast, I can use iterative design, refining and re-calculating the results almost instantly!”