On the previous pages, you learned some useful techniques that will help you when working with gbXML exports from Revit. Now its time to have a go at applying those techniques to an example model. In the next section, the problems will be discussed in detail along with how to fix them.

Make sure you have a go at the example problem before looking at the solutions!


Example Problem

Click the link below to download the ‘problem’ Revit file. 

Remember, your first reference should be the techniques section on the previous page. If you find a problem you cant solve using the videos, check the Revit gbXML guide.

If you get really stuck, there are some hints below. Try not to look!

  • Rooms not applied to all areas
  • Bad room limits
  • Room separation line overlapping a wall
  • Room bounding columns
  • Floors missing from some areas
  • Wall has the wrong function
  • Ground floor has the wrong function.

Below are the tricker issues, with references to the Revit gbXML guide. 

  • Empty ceiling void (section 1.2.5)
  • Two walls in contact (section (1.1.1)
  • Empty wall void (section 1.2.4)

These problems were included because in real life it is not unusual to encounter a problem you have not seen before – in such cases you should see whether your issue is covered in the guide. There is a troubleshooting section at the end of the guide which suggests likely solutions.


Now that you’ve had a go and think you’ve fixed the model, the next section will reveal all of the issues with the test file.